Homeopathic Remedies for

Treating an Enlarged Prostate

There are many steps men who are suffering from an enlarged prostate can take to relieve the bothersome symptoms. These involve some minor lifestyle changes, basic precautions, and the use of natural herbs and nutrients.

The Steps:

If a sufferer is finding he has to get up at night frequently to urinate, it is best to limit the intake of fluids after dinner.
It is also suggested he reduce the number of caffeinated and alcoholic drinks as well. When the urge to urinate is first felt, it is important to get into the bathroom as soon as possible. Repeat the urination process several times to ensure all the urine is voided. It is also important to take advantage of a restroom whenever one is available, even if the urge to urinate is not present at the time.

Relaxation is a key to reducing enlarged prostate symptoms as is lowering the amount of fat in the diet.
If a sufferer is unable to relax, he needs to learn how to do it. Many professionals can teach relaxation techniques to men who are dealing with the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Men can also improve their symptoms by increasing the frequency of sexual intercourse and by working out more often. Both of these methods also aid in reducing the amount of stress men are under, which can again, relieve the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

Men should not take decongestants, antihistamines, and other over-the-counter cold medicines.
This is because they have a negative effect on the muscles in the bladder and the prostate. It is also very important to keep as warm as possible, since cold restricts the urethra and makes it even harder to urinate. It has also been proven beneficial to take a bath in warm water several times throughout the day to lower inflammation and encourage healing. Moreover, men should not sit for long periods of time. If a flare up of symptoms is noticed after some sort of activity, it will be necessary to refrain from doing that activity, at least for a prolonged amount of time.

Both zinc and saw palmetto are considered natural remedies for an enlarged prostate.
30-60 mg per day of zinc has been shown to be beneficial to men suffering from this condition; however, this benefit is highly debatable. Even so, it can do no harm to increase the amount of zinc in a diet, which can be purchased at health food retailers.

Saw palmetto has been an enlarged prostate remedy for Europeans for many years and most men indicate that their symptoms have been reduced after taking it.
Some research indicates that these improvements are valid. Even though saw palmetto does not appear to raise PSA levels, men who are taking it should still tell their doctor before a PSA test is administered. This way, if there are any indications of an elevated PSA level, the doctor can rule out the use of saw palmetto as a cause.